The 2013 theme has been announced, and it is ‘Kindness: little acts, big impacts!’This theme promotes kindness to oneself and others as beneficial to health and wellbeing for everyone, it is about practicing self-compassion and accepting everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It is about being kind to others as everyone faces challenges that you may not be aware of. It is also about encouraging kindness in others as it is good for own well being as the benefactor.

Check out Sydney Mental Health Events or Regional NSW Mental Health Events.
You may have noticed that our newsletters are following a theme?  Last month we looked at the impacts of isolation on our clients and how we work with this as an organisation. Each month, one of our talented team will be sharing their experiences and perspectives with you, so that you can see a little more of the amazing things we get to experience first hand every day within the services of Twenty10 Incorporating GLCS.
This month one of our client services workers has decided to share with you how  'little acts, big impact' are observed at Twenty10;
"Young people at Twenty10 experience common threads of rejection, excommunication and severance of love; often from the people and places that are supposed to represent connection and safety.  In the face of this immobilising rejection the young people find ways to create healthy and respectful connections, a space where they can share this challenging process, and a way to show care for one another through gestures and inclusion. There are so many moments when passing drop-in or observing happenings in groups and Outwest that elucidate these exchanges and the holding of each other’s fears and sadness’s.  It is mind blowing how these young people who are subjected to bullying, rejection from primary care givers and vilification in wider spheres some how still find a way to extend, to give kindness and in doing so are also recipients of healing. The young peoples radar of care ripples through Twenty10 and strongly reminds everyone how formidable and revolutionary it is, to make something tender-hearted out of hurt."  For the full piece, visit our website.
One of the ways we encourage young people to build resilience, to work through hurt and to engage is through art workshops, these amalgamate into Insight Out our annual art exhibition.
The small act of coming along to show your support has a big impact on our young people and if you can't come perhaps you can support our work by exploring opportunities to sponsor, volunteer, or make a donation to our Art Program.