coming outRoxy was straight, married with children, but wanted to sleep with a woman

This is their journey: 

GIA: Her name was Odette, the Therapist. She was one hell of an orgasm that came in the shape of a woman.

ROXY: It took therapy to get through this one. I called her the Big O. Every week she challenged my thoughts as I was falling deeper in love with Gia. Completely stunned as the events unfolded, the Big O couldn’t help but want to meet her.

GIA: When Roxy asked me to join her at her next session with the Big O, I had no hesitations.  I was intrigued to meet the woman who told her that lesbian relationships never last.  There was no way I was passing up this opportunity to challenge her opinion on gay relationships.

ROXY: I had three things on my mind: my intense love for Gia, my marriage exit plan, and how it was going to work with the kids. It didn’t get any bigger than this. Even so, there was nothing that could persuade me otherwise when it came to Gia.

GIA:  From the moment I walked through Big O’s door, the interrogation was on. Every question she asked was strategically placed.  She made it very clear that her concern was for that of her patient, and not for me.  I admired her integrity.  You’ve got to love a woman with balls as big as coconuts!

ROXY: I loved that Gia took the Big O head-on. She was prepared to do whatever it took. Even if it meant being sized up by a therapist. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But it was such a big moment in my life, I welcomed all the confirmation I could get.

GIA:  The Big O believed Roxy was experiencing a ‘phase’.  She had preconceptions about gay relationships.  She knew the statistics and the odds weren’t in my favour.  Although her intentions were good, she was up against two fiery women who were crazy in love.  We were strong in our conviction and not once did we stumble through our answers – it was all about believing in us, in our love for one another.  We were 110% certain of what we wanted, and that was to live our lives together.

ROXY: To me, it didn’t matter if my life with Gia lasted five minutes, five months or five years, it was worth the risk to feel something I had never felt before.

GIA:  Have you ever seen a therapist with a stunned expression on her face?  She was absolutely astounded.  It was priceless.  She sized us up and then sized herself down.  Our session moved very quickly from ‘Is this just a phase?’ to ‘Let’s deal with leaving Jack.’  Bang.  That was it; Jack was on his way out.

ROXY: It was completely surreal. I was sitting in a therapist’s office with a woman whom I had been having a mad love affair with, not to mention, discussing life with her. And five weeks prior, I had no idea I preferred women. It was emotionally explosive and exhilarating all at the same time. To think I was just moments away from ending my marriage with Jack and maneuvering the kids. I couldn’t believe what was happening. This girl had power.