same sex bride ornaments on wedding cake Roxy was straight, married with children, but wanted to sleep with a woman

“I wanted the full experience at some point in this lifetime,” she says. But it was frightening to think about. “I couldn’t imagine any of it! Especially the idea of going down.” But the thought created a thrill she couldn’t ignore. “My husband and I openly talked about it. It never really fazed him, or I for that matter, because it wasn’t real. It was like an outer body experience that was fun to talk about. Or at least that’s what I thought.”

Gia was a lesbian, playing the field on the Sydney scene after the breakup of a long-term relationship. One night at The Bank Hotel she saw a woman who was “totally femme, with a body to die for, killer dress sense, looking as if she had just stepped out of a hair salon.”

It was Roxy, who, after visiting several bars, had dropped into the Bank with her straight friend Gracie and finally saw “a gorgeous woman who looked like someone I could ‘go there’ with.”

Roxy didn’t look comfortable, recalls Gia. “She looked awkward; as if she wasn’t sure she should be at the Bank. I watched for a moment, like a woman on the prowl. Loaded with confidence I made my move to approach her.” Gracie had left for the bathroom when Gia came charging over. “Is that your girlfriend?” she asked. “No!” said Roxy, and told Gia she was married with two kids. Then added encouragingly, ‘I swing both ways.’

Gia, who had a rule not to date bisexual women, was concerned that the husband wanted to be involved, She was reassured by Roxy that he didn’t. A good thing, because Gia had every intention of seducing Roxy. “I was shaking in my boots,” says Roxy, who gave Gia a business card and made a date. A week passed and their date arrived. Both were nervous. “I tried to replay our first meeting, as I waited anxiously for Gia to arrive. I mean, was I even going to be attracted to her?!” says Roxy.

“I can recall spending my week at work staring at her business card wondering what this woman was all about,” says Gia.

The card said Roxy was editor of, and Gia did some snooping. Roxy was supposedly happily married with kids. Gia wondered what she was getting herself into.

They met in a restaurant. “BANG, she walked through the door,” says Roxy. “She was drop-dead gorgeous. I couldn’t believe she was this hot.” But while Roxy was lost in Gia’s beauty, Gia started drilling Roxy about her sexuality. “I thought, I’m sitting across from the Angelina Jolie of the Southern Hemisphere and she is hesitant about going there with me. I couldn’t believe it. I had wanted this damn experience for so long. Couldn’t she get past the fact that I was…STRAIGHT?!”

That’s right. She hadn’t done any swinging at all.

Roxy was “a straight woman looking to spice up her sex life,” lamented Gia. Before setting out on her date Gia had convinced herself that she could have a romp in the sheets with a straight woman who would go back to her family and she could continue with her ‘no ties’ attitude.”?But it became more complicated. As the dinner progressed, Roxy could see her straight life unravelling before her eyes. “I was wildly attracted. Not to mention completely stunned I felt this way.”

“Our conversation flowed,” remembers Gia. “We connected on every level. Our chemistry was evident. The sexual tension hit the red hot zone.” They kissed. “She had beautiful, soft, voluptuous lips that melted me,” says Roxy. “This was definitely not something I was going to be explaining to my husband. This was no backyard rendezvous. There was feeling. I was officially a cheater.”

Their first sex was dynamite. “Seven hours!” says Gia. “Seven hours of clothes ripping, headbanging, glass breaking, body clawing, life-altering sex.” Her gay neighbour told Gia afterwards, “It was like listening to lions roaring! Honey, the whole street heard you!”

And then it was on. At any opportunity they could, they met. “I was supposed to dip my toe in and out. Little did I know there was no such thing. Gia had a hold on me and it wasn’t stopping anytime soon,” says Roxy.

But Roxy’s seven-year anniversary with her husband, Jack, approached. “I looked at my husband like he was a beautiful man who was nothing more than a friend. It was true. The itch had arrived. And all I could think about was her.”