woman on a bench pressMy body is alive as my adrenaline kicks in.

My body shook with urgency and the sweat across my middle went cold. I was aching for more but couldn’t move. I exhaled heavily and allowed my hair to drop wetly across my face. I hadn’t felt like that for years. In fact, I took a moment to recall…

The last time I was in that kind of exhilaration was back 8 years ago now, I was tanned and obviously a lot younger. My body was strong and flexible and I had no problems getting my groin lower than most. It made the whole experience a lot more fun and experimental with this higher than average range of motion that’s for sure.

There was something sexy about being able to thrust my hips with a delicate fierceness, the hunger growing for more at each back arch. I felt good, oh how I felt good.

Flicking my mind to the present I realise today has its plus sides too, I bring wisdom, I bring confidence but I have to admit I don’t have that swagger I once had in my 20s. These days I’m not sure I even know where to start. I mean the familiarity is there, or has everything changed? You know, new fashions change. Once it was simple bikini waxes and now it’s Brazilians. I’ve been out of the game too long. OMG, can I even go through with this?

She lies above me and I stare at her, I feel nervous but then the recognition kicks in and I remember her, we’ve been here before, in this exact position, in fact, maybe nothing has changed at all?

I lay back and close my eyes taking in every sense and emotion, the smell of sweet perfume circles my body and my endorphins start to ignite, the mix of hair product and woman immerses itself in my body and from here I know it’s time to up my game.

My arms reach up and I grab her in her all too familiar groove, oh how she feels unbelievable, it’s like all my favourite memories combining into one divine moment, I hold on to her and breathe out heavily. My body is alive and my adrenalin starts to kick in, I feel nervous, excited, giddy but I can’t stop myself from going further.

Breathing in I arch my back slightly and lift up with knowing passion, she is above my chest, gazing back at me with urgency, awaiting my big move. I press her down into my chest and hold her close, oh how it’s been a lifetime since I’ve had her so close. I arch my back and tilt my hips and push her back above me. I’m alive! Oh god, I feel so alive!

I repeat my signature move over and over as I pull her close and then push her away with all of me. My stomach muscles are feeling the effects of the repetitive movements and I start to tire. I slow down, I’m breathing heavy, hard and fast, my heart is racing but I know I can’t stop here. I continue once more, again, twice more and then with one last thrust I arch my back, and I scream as I rack her.

Bench Press, I’m back and I just made you my bitch.