10 Ways To Show She's Too Into You (And You're Just Not That Into Her)Sometimes she just doesn’t give up and sometimes you might need to be a bit more direct…

1. She changes her Facebook relationship status to “In a relationship”

You weren’t even aware you had accepted her friend request.

2. She leaves her toothbrush at yours after a one night hook up

You put it down to a genuine mistake and move on.

3. You hook up again, and she leaves her houseplant

You start thinking it was more than a mistake.

4. You call her to get her houseplant, she collects it but leaves her underwear drawer contents beside yours

Uh-oh, something’s up.

5. You ask her to collect her underwear, she agrees but brings her favourite lamp

That’s ok, lamps are, er useful, right?

6. You tell her to stop calling you, so she texts 50 times a day instead

I would change my number, as fast as I could.

7. You come home from work to find she has ‘let’ herself into your house, but only to bring her bookcase round in case you wanted to ‘borrow’ it

You start thinking you might find a bunny boiling somewhere…

8. She asks you to look after her cat for a few days, not a problem you think

She doesn’t just bring one cat she rocks up with five and ALL of their belongings.

9. She never collects the cat, instead she ‘visits’ it every day

Are you sure she is actually leaving? Ever?

10.  You come home and find that she seems to have moved the entire contents of her flat into yours

OK, time for a restraining order or perhaps just run for the hills.