same sex bride ornaments on wedding cake Roxy was straight, married with children, but wanted to sleep with a woman

This is their journey: 

ROXY: “Jack, you know that experience I wanted to have? Well, I’ve had it.”

JACK:  “Are you in love with her?”


JACK: “Are you leaving me?”


JACK: “Do we have any chance left?”


JACK: “How long has this been going on?”

ROXY: “Six weeks.”

GIA: Can you believe it’s only been six weeks! During the whole time, we were entangled in this love affair, time had no meaning. But six weeks felt like an eternity.

ROXY: That was it. My marriage ended in sixty seconds with Jack telling me to call my “girlfriend.” It was like listening to a robotic ghost. He was shocked and had no feeling. So I called Gia immediately, while Jack walked the city in a daze.

GIA: In the beginning, I never knew where this affair was going to take us. I had all the hope in the world but was not entirely sure that we would live the affair out and end up together. Even knowing that Roxy was certain of leaving Jack, it really came down to her moment of execution. She had planned an escape route right down to the last minute, bags packed in the back of the car and script ready to bang out – but was it going to come out in the final hour? I was happy for the moment even if the moment never had a chance to turn into a lifetime.

ROXY: My bags were already packed and in the car for Gia’s house. I anticipated that Jack would want me out that night. In actual fact, he didn’t expect anything. He just asked what I had planned on doing. I told him that it was best for me to move out. I had just had an affair under his nose and fell in love with someone else; I wasn’t about to climb back into bed. We discussed how it was going to work with the kids. I had it all mapped out. Knowing that he was going to be hit hard by my revelations, I proposed that I arrive every morning before the kids wake up to pack their lunches and get them ready for school. I also planned on picking them up from school and preparing dinner so nothing changed from Jack’s routine. I wanted it to be the easiest possible transition for the kids until we figured out how everything was going to work.

GIA: Knock knock – it’s almost midnight when I get a call from Roxy. “I’ve done it, I’ve told Jack, can I come over?” Shocked, excited, afraid, I sat through a “holy shit” moment and counted the minutes as I waited for Roxy to drive over. Tick tick tick. My girl turns up looking like a train wreck. She’d been through a complete life change in a matter of weeks and had now become an official bag lady. She loaded bags of her most prized possessions into my wardrobe and crawled into bed, completely shattered.

ROXY: As I drove off to Gia’s everything stood still. The drive was ten minutes but felt like hours as my life was on constant playback. Not believing that in the space of six weeks I had had an affair with a woman, fell in love, told my husband, left him and then was knocking on Gia’s door. She looked stunning. She was so naturally beautiful in every way. I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. The journey was only just beginning.

GIA: This was our first night together where she didn’t have to crawl around on the floor looking for her clothes and run off into the night, back to reality. This was our reality. This was our first night as a “confessed” couple. No more excuses. No more lies. Oh, the relief!