3 dogs behind a fenceIt is the run-up to school holidays and Sydney’s animal pounds and shelters are full.

This means there is almost no chance of a reprieve for hundreds of abandoned dogs, who will be destroyed to make space. “Just before school holidays, the kill rate is highest,” explains Monika, founder of Doggie Rescue. “It is heartbreaking but I can only assume that people surrender their dog rather than take it away on holidays, or pay for boarding kennels.”

DoggieRescue is a no-kill shelter that rescues dogs from death row and offers them a safe haven.  The organisation re-homes close to 1000 pound dogs every year.

 “Pounds contact me every week to take dogs, but like them our shelter is currently at capacity,” Monika says.  “This week I have had to turn doggies away.  Their fate is uncertain.  It is critical that we get help now to save these lives.” Last year 30,000 dogs died in pounds and animal shelters in NSW. (DeathRowPets.net)

 Not everyone is in a position to adopt a dog, which is why DoggieRescue runs a foster program making it easy for caring dog lovers to make an immediate difference.

 DoggieRescue foster Mum, Julie Hoskison is currently caring for 10-year-old foxie, Jorge.

 “One dog placed in a foster home, means there is one space at the DoggieRescue shelter, and another dog can be rescued from the pound.  It is that simple,” Julie says.

“Fostering is not a life time commitment.  I see it as an act of love by sharing your home for a few weeks or months.  DoggieRescue continues to cover any medical costs and searching for a permanent home for the doggie.”

 “Little old Jorge is learning to love, live and play again.  It is just joyful to watch him come out of his shell!”

 Sirius, a 12-month-old Shihtzu X Toy Poodle is one of 10 dogs on DoggieRescue’s Priority Foster list.