Puppy in front of a bowl
A patient puppy waits in front of a dish full of kibbles.

For Sydney based rescue organisation, DoggieRescue “dinner time” is quite a monumental undertaking.

With well over 100 doggie mouths to feed at their shelter at Ingleside in Sydney’s north, every day of the year, there is an immense cost involved.

Charity founder and manager, Monika Biernacki explains that over 300 kg of meat and around 15kg of rice is required every week.

“These are doggies that nobody wanted.  Many of them have been underfed, even starved in the past and we are committed to returning them to good health and finding them a good home.  This means a good quality diet of rice and mince.”

With feeding stocks dwindling Monika recently put out a call to help replenish supplies.

“We rely exclusively on private donations to keep our shelter operating, so I asked supporters to include an extra bag of basmati rice in their supermarket trolley.  I was hoping for a few kilos to see us through the week.”

Far from the expected few bags of rice, donations now top 2 pallets and counting.

“We have enough rice to keep tummies full for some 2- 2.5 years,” says Monika. “A wonderful supporter negotiated to purchase 2 pallets of rice at wholesale prices and many others rallied behind her contributing to the cost.”

“I am truly inspired by this commitment and dedication to these little doggies that everyone forgot.  Where would they be without these wonderful volunteers?”