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The 3 Bits

'The 3 Bits' is a gritty and addictive web series that is based in New York and throws us into a dark and mysterious world with knives, tattoos and lesbian gangs.



The 3 Bits, a web series by New York-based creative team Margaret Singer and Max Freeman, is a dark and mysterious world, with lesbian gangs, a protagonist with a storied past and a cast of characters with names like Mr. Pussy and Crybaby.

The series follows Roman Bits, who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and is trying to get her life on solid ground. Trading in her nickel baggies for gardening gloves, she has started a landscaping business and is doing her best to cut ties with the lesbian pot-dealing gang she once ran.

“I see her having a struggle,” said Singer, 30, who plays Roman and created her character in collaboration with Freeman. “Roman has this sort of fun, sexy job as a weed dealer and it’s dangerous, and she’s good at it, but on the other hand she’s turning into an adult.”


Singer and Freeman met in Boston ten years ago. Singer, who has a background in photography, and Freeman, with a background in writing, combined their talents and moved to New York, where they run a photo studio called Unusually Fine. “The 3 Bits” is their first web series.


Roman’s episodes are part of the full series, which follows three siblings in the Bits family: Henry, the youngest brother, and Madison, the eldest sister. Each sibling’s episodes are shot as different shows, in different styles, with different crews. They stand on their own or can be viewed together.

“We started by writing Henry and we felt choked by the idea of writing endless sitcoms so we made up a few other siblings and made this whole universe,” Singer said.

Roman’s brother Henry is a gay guy in college, studying painting and experimenting with Grindr. While Henry’s episodes are made of lighter fare, Roman’s are dramatic and brooding, with masked characters and violent, sexually-charged scenes. There are also girls making out in their underwear. “It’s Quentin Tarantino meets The L Word,” Singer said.

Roman’s androgynous look and her lax sexual boundaries may also bring some Shane McCutcheon comparisons with it. Singer said she doesn’t mind.

“I had a Shane haircut back in my earlier twenties and that worked well for me. I should give her a high five,” she said.

The comparison between the two series ends there. “It’s not lipstick lesbians,” Singer said of “The 3 Bits.” “It's a wide range of grittier, queer women. It's a lot funkier in that way.”

Funkier, and with a darker sense of humour. At the end of every episode, in a wink to lesbian culture, Roman and girlfriend Kelly (Lola Albright), have a dramatic, intense break up. Then, at the beginning of the next episode, they are back together like nothing happened.

“It’s almost like Kenny dying in every South Park episode,” Singer said.



Follow all the characters HERE

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