womens podcastCliterary Society is the irreverent, poignant and hilarious podcast dedicated to Lesbian Romance Novels.

Hosts Rebecca, Ellen and Sarah celebrate the sweeping romance, steamy sex scenes and hilarious missteps of the genre. Cliterary Society is not a book club and you don’t need to read the books to follow along.

Cliterary Society appreciates the cultural value of lesbian romance novels- representation, connection, stories of hope and possibility, but also takes loving jabs at the silly stuff like cunnilingus fueled corporate espionage, singing Brandi Carlile to a sick dolphin and way too much nipple play. Come for the dirty talk and stay for the deep laughs and unexpected insights.

The first half of season one is out now and new episodes are released every other Thursday. Whether you’re looking for summer reads, sexy thrills or lesbian/dyke/queer content, Cliterary Society has you covered this Pride season and beyond.

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