Julie McCrossin in recording studio
Hosted by 2017 LGBTI Awards Broadcaster of the Year, and 78’er, Julie McCrossin.

Hosted by 2017 LGBTI Awards Broadcaster of the Year, and 78’er, Julie McCrossin.

The series of 10 information podcasts are designed for people affected by cancer, including carers, families and friends of those living with cancer.

The podcasts will focus on key areas identified by Cancer Council NSW as topics that resonate with many people affected by a cancer diagnosis, Each podcast is presented in an interview-style format featuring expert guests and people with personal experiences of cancer.

Host Julie McCrossin, a well-known lesbian broadcaster, and oropharyngeal cancer survivor says that podcasts are quickly becoming one of Australia’s fastest-growing content mediums.

“We know that every year in NSW alone, more than 46,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed, and the impact on families, carers and friends is significant. Often they are dealing with complex decisions that require an understanding of cancer, its treatment, and its ongoing management,” she says.

“That’s why this podcast series is such a great resource for people affected by cancer. It covers topics as diverse as considering treatment options, sex and cancer, coping with fatigue and explaining cancer to kids.

“The episode ‘Explaining cancer to kids’ is one that I think will resonate with a lot of Australian families. The thing about cancer is that it can feel like a really tough thing to explain to kids. You ask yourself – how much do they need to know? Isn’t it better to protect them? Won’t it just confuse and scare them? And what about teenagers – how much can they handle?

“In this particular episode we’ll talk to an expert who has supported kids affected by the cancer diagnosis of a parent or someone else close to them. This is just one of 10 interesting and topical podcasts that I am proud to be hosting with Cancer Council NSW.”

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