Indonesian Government Proposes Laws Against LGBT 'Propaganda'
Indonesian Government Proposes Laws Against LGBT ‘Propaganda’

The Indonesian Government is drafting a bill that will ban websites that “promote” LGBT “propaganda,” including Facebook and Tumblr.

Indonesia’s Communications and Information Ministry has begun drafting a bill that will ban websites that “promote” LGBT “propaganda”. These websites include Facebook and Tumblr.

Ismail Cawidu, a spokesperson for the Ministry, said, “The House commission has urged us, so we have to follow up on their proposal.”

Representatives Commission chairman Mahfudz Siddiq said the bill will focus on the legislation for national cyber security and could include a ban on content that can be seen as a ‘threat to national interests.’ He said, “LGBT issues can damage national security, identity, culture and the faith of Indonesians.”

Chairman for the Indonesian Ulema Council expressed the importance of not showing hatred towards the LGBT community.

He said, “We need to view the LGBT people direction, especially for the LGBT people who realise that homosexuality is indecent behaviour.”

In an even more extreme expression of homophobia, Secretary General Berliana Kartakusumah of the People’s Conscience Party, said, “Being LGBT is an infectious and dangerous disease. LGBT must be banned, like we banned communism and drug trafficking.”

The National Commission on Human Rights rejected the proposal for a new law and released a statement about the government’s need to fulfil the rights for all citizens. “Do not let them be discriminated against in terms of work, health services or freedom of expression. The state has to be there for them.”