Wear it Purple launches websiteWear It Purple has taken another step forward in advocating for queer youth at risk of suicide and self-harm.

The Wear it Purple website was launched last week giving queer youth, their family and friends an opportunity to share their stories, video clips and other useful information. Community organisations have shown their support by adding information to the site and extending support to queer youth.

“We are receiving more and more hits every day,” campaign co-ordinator Scott Williams said, “as more content is being shared by people everywhere, young people are being empowered to fight back- the current situation is no longer acceptable.”

He continued, “With a suicide attempt rate up to 14 times higher for same sex attracted youth and up to 47 times higher for gender diverse youth, the website is an important step forward for the rights of young people everywhere.”

The website has already been shrouded in controversy, however, as the Department of Education and Training filter has already blocked it from being viewed on Government school computers.

Fellow co-ordinator Katherine Hudson, a school student at a school in Sydney’s Inner West was outraged, “This site is saving lives, it needs to promoted- not blocked!”

The news comes as a recent study by Melbourne’s La Trobe University reveals that not every school counsellor supports a student’s decision to disclose their sexuality or gender diversity.

As Australian schools struggle to keep up with a changing society, the website aims to stand in the gap.

To connect with Wear It Purple online click here.