Wear it Purple National Awareness DayWear it Purple is a youth-run organisation that exists to support young people who identify as sexuality and/or gender diverse so get behind them and wear purple this Friday!

Wear it Purple Day was established in 2010 by two young Australians, in response to a number of suicides as the result of bullying based on sexuality and gender identity. These young people decided that one life lost was one too many and that something had to be done.

On Friday 30 August, the nation will celebrate the fourth annual Wear it Purple Day in support of sexuality and gender diverse (SGD, or rainbow) young people.

Wear it Purple Spokesperson, Jayde Ellis, stresses that “…not all rainbow young people have support immediately around them. Many face bullying, rejection and discrimination from families, friends and the community at large, resulting in greater risk of homelessness, depression, self-harm, suicide. Wear it Purple Day is about showing isolated and at risk young people that they have support. We want the message to be sent loud and clear to young people everywhere that they can be proud of who they are, no matter who they love or how they identify.”

More than 70 schools, 40 workplaces and 12 tertiary bodies across Australia are wearing it purple on August 30 to show their support for SGD young people. Participation may include purple ‘no uniform’ days, purple-themed morning teas, writing messages for public display, and assembly presentations (schools).

These students are calling on the community at large to support Wear it Purple Day to show rainbow young people everywhere that they are not alone, they have support and can be proud of who they are.

As part of Wear it Purple Day 2013, Wear it Purple is launching a Speak Up campaign, encouraging people to think twice about their words and pledge to not use “gay” (or similar) to connote negativity. Further events will be held in the lead up to and on the day, including pop-up stalls around the Sydney CBD on August 30 for members of the public to pick up their free sticker, purchase a wristband and have their photo taken.

Wear it Purple is a youth-run organisation that exists to support young people who identify as sexuality and/or gender diverse. Our mission is to create awareness of challenges facing SGD young people and create environments in which they feel safe and supported.