The new ‘Rainbow State’ plates would celebrate Victoria’s sex and gender diverse community.

Victorian Green’s LGBTI spokesperson, Sam Hibbins, has proposed a 'Rainbow State' number plate for the state. The Victorian Greens say the new plates would celebrate the state’s sex and gender diverse community.

Hibbins believes it would be a welcomed move throughout the community.

He stated, “Victoria has had a number of iterations of our number plates over the last 20 years, such as an Indigenous Australian one, and a thoroughbred racing one, so I thought this would be a welcome addition.” He added, “There are so many cars that have rainbow bumper stickers, but this would take it that one step further and would allow Victorians to have rainbow number plate… I think a lot of people would appreciate the ability to have that.”

The plates would include the tagline 'Victoria – The Rainbow State' and would be available to Victorian vehicle owners for a fee. The money raised would go towards local LGBTI community organisations.

Hibbins said, “The money could go to LGBTI community groups who are doing it tough when it comes to finances. It’s a great way to demonstrate that Victoria is an inclusive state.”