New corporate campaign supporters include Citibank, McKinsey, Target and Kmart.

Letters from hundreds of businesses backing marriage equality will today be delivered to 60 undecided Coalition MPs and Senators at Parliament House. 

This will include letters from companies that are new to the campaign including, Citibank, McKinsey, Target, and Kmart, which join over 500 Australian businesses that already back marriage equality. 

The delivery comes the day before a ground breaking cross-party marriage equality bill is due to be introduced.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said, 

"The message to undecided Coalition members is that the business community overwhelmingly backs marriage equality and they should too."

"Corporate Australia understands that marriage equality is about equality for staff and customers, more jobs in the wedding industry, and ensuring Australia's competitive edge particularly in areas like tourism and skilled migration."

"We welcome the most recent group of companies that have signed in support of our campaign."

"The fact that companies like Target and Kmart back marriage equality shows how strong support for the reform is in suburban Australia."