red rattlerIndependent artist run initiative, The Red Rattler Theatre has announced Arts & Cultural Project funding of $60,000 from Create NSW to further support the development and presentation of new work by queer artists of colour in its 10th year of operation.

The Red Rattler was established in 2008 by five local women who wanted to create a legal warehouse-style venue to showcase alternative Sydney arts, performance and grassroots activism. The Rat’s continued vision is to practice an intersectional feminist queer ethic in organising, and attempt to nurture, energise and support a non-traditional family of friends, artists and activists.

The Rat is a queer-run creative playground located in Marrickville NSW that is ethical, sustainable and community owned. It is not-for-profit and volunteer-driven, ensuring continued inclusive and affordable access for a diverse range of communities and creators, and welcomes activist, emerging and experimental arts events and activities. 15,000 people attend events at The Rat each year.

This funding will help subsidise innovative queer performance art and ideas that blurs the edges between art, politics, and entertainment. The program will begin in December 2017 and include a mix of 25 new and also returning events such as Queer Provocations, Monsta Gras and Troppo Galaktika.

“To have the funding to greater support the intersectional events that take place at The Red Rattler means that a wider audience is able to attend by way of making the events more accessible”, said artist and event coordinator, Justin Shoulder. “This commitment to community building is necessary to keep the space growing. Knowing the power of this community, I am excited to see the new possibilities that this grant will enable.”

“This funding is super exciting and testament to the blood, sweat and tears of our volunteers staff, operations team, volunteer board, and it really acknowledges what we’re trying to do here. This will enable The Rat to further support emerging and established QPOC artists to take centre stage,” Chairperson of The Rat, Teresa Avila said “We’re so excited to present this incredible program that speaks so clearly to our purpose and provides our communities with a space to build solidarity, flourish and create inspiring and influential arts, activism and queer culture.”