The Rainbow CodeAustralian organisations are being called on, to show their support for marriage equality by adding The Rainbow Code to business websites.

The Rainbow Code is a piece of code that can easily be added to a blog or company homepage to create a rainbow crossing. The rainbow crossings are joined with one another, creating a walkway, of participating sites, across the Internet.

The Rainbow Code was launched by creative digital agency Holler, in a bid to continue to build awareness and support equal rights for same-sex couples.

Mike Hill, Co-CEO at Holler said the use of a rainbow crossing is reference to the Taylor Square rainbow crossing, and while the idea spurred from its controversial removal, this is about much more.

“The Taylor Square Rainbow Crossing has become a symbol of people power, to communicate a message of support for equal rights, culture, community, acceptance, pride, love, awareness and celebration” Hill states.

“Its removal and what it stood for has been a catalyst for thought and consideration. Australia is a progressive nation, we have a progressive spirit, yet there continues to be political opposition toward gay pride and same-sex marriage. The Rainbow Code is an opportunity to continue to build awareness and support for this ‘rainbow movement’.”

The Rainbow Code initiative hopes to have 1000 Australian websites participating by May 31st, and hopes corporate Australia will also get behind this initiative to influence government. A snapshot will be taken of the sites and this visual signature will be sent to federal and state governments calling for the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia.