Each bottle of Queer Beer displays a different colour of the rainbow pride flag.

Over the weekend, the Australian Sex Party launched a new brand of beer in a show of support for marriage equality.

Queer Beer is an Australian-style pale ale that comes packaged in individual bottles displaying varying colours of the rainbow pride flag.

A statement posted on the party’s website said, “Marriage equality isn’t here yet but it will be soon. When that day comes, the Australian Sex Party wish to toast the occasion with Queer Beer: a toast to the recognition and respect of all unions, regardless of where they fit on love’s broad and beautiful spectrum.”

All the proceeds from the beer will be donated to Kaleidoscope Australia, a not-for-profit organisation promoting and protecting the human rights of LGBTI people in the Asia Pacific region.

Kaleidoscope Australia and the Sex Party have worked closely on the party’s LGBTIQ Asylum Seeker Policy. The Sex Party’s Victorian Senate candidate Dr. Meredith Doig stated, “LGBTIQ people should be given priority status along with other oppressed minorities in Australia’s refugee program."

Federal secretary of the Australian Sex Party Nevena Spirovska said that beer was chosen as a platform to promote marriage equality because “it is something of a national drink.”

She added, “We were thinking of a way to celebrate marriage equality that wasn’t another petition, that wasn’t just another policy, that wasn’t just someone saying the same old lines.”

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