The Queensland Police Service continue to work towards inclusion and diversity throughout the state.

In a Queensland Police first, the iconic LGBTI pride flag was flown outside the Brisbane Police Headquarters as part of IDAHOT today.

The flag raising ceremony aim to display the Service’s support for inclusion and diversity throughout Queensland. 

Acting Deputy Commissioner Mike Condon said, “We are extremely proud to support IDAHOT and fly the rainbow flag outside our Roma Street Police headquarters.”

“As an organisation and as a state, we have come a long way over the past few decades. It is important to ensure people have both the confidence to be themselves and the confidence that their police will look out for them," he said.

Queensland Police have been working on LGBTI-friendly initiatives, and Condon says displaying the flag is building on these initiatives.

Condon said that last year LGBTI Queensland Police Service members were able to “march proudly in their uniforms in the Brisbane Pride Festival parade for the very first time.”

He took the time to discuss the established LGBTI Support Network that has been established. He said this group of officers “work with others in the organisation to support diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and the wider community.”

Condon said he is committed to ensuring that the Police Service reflects the diversity of the people they are protecting.