Victoria Pye is bringing youth, vitality and gayness back to Sydney’s Inner West politics.

It says something not particularly heartening that when faced with the challenge “name one lesbian politician in Australia,” most Australians will either not be able to name one, or they’ll exclaim, “Oh! Penny Wong!” and then smugly cross their arms because that’s it, they’re done.

Democracy is about government exercising sovereignty on behalf of the people. A lot of people are lesbians. In Sydney’s Marrickville, a lot a lot of people are lesbians.

That’s why we’re pleased to let y’all know that 29 year old, lesbian independent Victoria Pye, will officially launch her campaign to be a councilor for Marrickville on Tuesday 25 July, offering a fresh and determined focus to the changing demographic.

Victoria is aiming to be one of three councilors elected by residents to represent Marrickville on the newly formed Inner West Council. As an Independent, Victoria says her sole focus will be on representing the people of Marrickville, St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe without getting caught up in party politics.

“Councils really need to be made up of locals who want to make a difference in the community, and who aren’t at the mercy of State and Federal party decisions. I think Independents are really important at a local level, especially after the amalgamations which have had the effect of decreasing representation. I want my electorate to have the option to vote for a passionate and progressive Independent who really wants to get things done,” explains Victoria.

Victoria believes that young people’s interests can best be served by having a fellow young person represent them. While inter-generational understanding and reciprocity is more common in the LGBTI community than it is in the heterosexual community, the fact still remains that many issues that are important to younger people are not as relevant to older people, and vice versa. An issue that she is very passionate about is increasing public transport to the Inner West (to which we say yes pls x 1000). She’s also a big proponent of increasing local environmental sustainability.

In terms of local status kudos, Victoria has lived in Marrickville for 6 years and the Inner West for 9 years, has a long family history in the area, being the fourth of five generations of Pyes to live in Marrickville. Her great grandfather owned a house on Wardell Road (which remains in her electorate today), in which her grandfather and father grew up. Her grandparents lived in that same house until they passed away and her Uncle, Aunt and cousins still live in Marrickville.

If you’re in the Marrickville area, consider giving Victoria your vote. Keeping Sydney open is important, but keeping it gay is just as imperative. Let’s not forget it!