More Corporate Support For Marriage EqualityThreefold increase in support from local, national and global businesses

Support for marriage equality in Australia’s business community is growing exponentially, with 154 of Australia’s biggest household brands featured in a full-page advertisement in Weekend Australian Magazine, a threefold increase on the 53-strong statement published in The Australian a few weeks ago.

Advocates say an ever-increasing number of local, national and global businesses support marriage equality reflects strong community support for the reform and adds pressure on parliament to allow the change.

Prominent corporations new to the campaign include corporate giants McDonald and Seek and cutting-edge businesses like Airbnb and Twitter. All have signed a letter of support calling for marriage equality to be legislated by the Australian Parliament.

National director of Australian Marriage Equality Rodney Croome said, “The extraordinary outpouring of support for marriage equality by many businesses reflects strong support in the community and increases pressure on parliament to act.”

“The Australian business sector backs marriage equality because it is a reform critical to workplace equity, to Australia’s international reputation and competitiveness, to jobs in the wedding sector and social inclusion.”

“The message is clear: the country is ready for change,” he said.

Acting CEO of Slater and Gordon Australia Hayden Stephens said marriage equality was an essential issue for the firm’s clients and employees located throughout Australia.

“We would never discriminate against a client because of their sexuality, and we don’t believe that the law should be able to continue to discriminate either,” Mr Stephens said.

“In addition to this being an issue for our clients, marriage equality is also an issue for our LGBTI staff, who rightfully want to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law.”

Mr Stephens said marriage equality was an issue that unified both LGBTI and non-LGBTI staff as advocates for change.

“Legalised discrimination in one area allows discrimination to flourish in other areas. We hope that a change in this area of law will have a positive impact on how members of the LGBTI community are treated throughout their lives; at school, at home and in the workplace.”

Australian Marriage Equality encourages all Australian businesses to declare their support by visiting