LGBTQI SuicideYoung and Well Cooperative Research Centre has won a 2014 LiFE Award for focusing on LGBTI youth suicide prevention.

A report by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) from February 2014 found that 16 per cent of young LGBTI people have attempted suicide. This research has helped researchers, practitioners and policymakers identify how technology can play a role in improving mental health and helping young LGBTI people in the community.

Young and Well CRC has employed an innovative model that involves young people in research direction, which contributed to their win at the 2014 LiFE Awards.

Chief Executive Officer of Suicide Prevention Australia, Ms Sue Murray, said the national conference in Melbourne with more than 200 researchers working on Young and Well CRC’s projects, “boosted experience and confidence among the future leaders in mental health and suicide prevention.”

Researchers and young people continue to work collaboratively exploring the role of technology on the mental health and well-being of 12 to 25-year-olds. Former High Court Justice, the Honourable Michael Kirby said it was an exceptional example of translational research in action for suicide prevention.

The annual LiFE Awards recognise excellence in suicide prevention across eight categories, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Business, Communication, Community Engagement, Public Sector, Research, Service Delivery, and Leadership. They were presented as part of the 2014 National Suicide Prevention Conference in Perth.