Stop SignCommunity Brave launches peer-to-peer funding campaign to help launch world-first social media program to fight bullying, homophobia and teen suicide.

The sydney-based anti-bullying organisation, Community Brave, has launched a campaign to help fund their innovative new social media platform to help eradicate online bullying, phobias against people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ), self-harm and suicide – and they’re calling on the Australian community to get behind the cause

Hosted on social enterprise funding platform StartSomeGood, Community Brave is hoping to raise $70,000 within a 60 day period to fund the development of their social media platform which provides a digital communication tool available 24/7 support to young people experiencing bullying.

“The statistics around bullying and youth suicide are so alarming, especially amongst young LGBTIQ people. We know that when young people are experiencing difficulties or are thinking about suicide they reach out through social media,” said Community Brave Founder and Chairman, Rami Mandow

“This is why we need to be in the space. We need to be proactive rather than reactive and harness the power of social media for social good. I’m excited to be launching this campaign. It is rather new to raise funds using Crowdfunding for not-for-profits – but that’s what makes it exciting!” he said.

Contributions start from as little as $2 and are rewarded with a range of quirky LGBTIQ and tech-focused products including Rainbow Skins for Mac computers, BULLY documentary DVDs, HOLIDAY by MooresCloud, Solar Jar Lamps and anti-bullying corporate training packages.

“We wanted to offer rewards for contributions that were rather novel, geeky and cool – but could still be relevant towards our organisation type – an LGBTIQ tech company,” Rami said.

Community Brave are also offering tickets to their launch party to be held early next year and colourful marriage equality thongs which give people an opportunity to participate in peaceful protesting, imprinting the words ‘marriage equality in the sands across Australian beaches from next year.

“I absolutely love the Marriage Equality sandals. Over summer here in Australia, we all visit the beach so much. Imagine how many footprints in the sand we can all make, helping spread the marriage equality message across our beautiful country,” Rami said.

As part of the program, 25 Community Brave champions are about to begin an intensive training course developed by Community Brave and includes curated modules from LivingWorks, Wesley Mission, Mental Health First Aid and Twenty10. Once the platform is launched early next year, these champions will work around the clock to provide support to young people in need.

Community Brave has so far garnered the support of a number of high profile figures including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Alex Greenwich, Matt Thistlethwaite and Peter Garrett, who have all taken part in a series of online videos and images to help raise the profile of the foundation.

“Attitudes towards LGBTIQ people have shifted considerably in recent years but many young people still have to deal with harassment and abuse just for being who they are and are treated differently just because of who they love,” Rami said.

“We’re all very excited about this phase of the project. We are finally taking that step into engaging with all of our wonderful supporters to give them a chance to contribute towards the building of this anti-bullying platform to help LGBTIQ people live happier lives,” he said.