HLC Project Launch PartyCheated Hearts and GirlThing are proud to announce the HLC Project Launch Party in Brisbane

The HLC Project is an online publication that aims to bring our community together by celebrating the stories of inspiring queer women.

Our stories come from near and far because no matter where you’re from you’re a part of us. This is a transnational start-up project causing a wave of connection and we’re travelling to get to you.  The HLC Project commemorates queer women and their communities to inspire our respect to be excellent by finding the unsung champions of the community and sharing their stories.

The HLC project is stoked to be collaborating with Sydney’s GiRLTHING and Brisbane’s Cheated Hearts who have supported the initiative presenting The HLC Project Launch Party. The HLC Project is thrilled to invite you to this very special occasion in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It’s going to be one hell of a night!

For the HLC project, it’s all about bridging the gap, breaking down the borders and tightening the community. The Launch Party looks set to kick off the beginning of a country united by cross-state collaborations and a new era of parties and playtime. To quote the guys from HLC, “Fierceness is in our guts, ferocity is our foundation.”