Gabby Bowles and Hillary Morris
Gabby Bowles (l) and Hillary Morris (r)

On the evening of Tuesday, 14 July, the Gosford City Council discussed a joint motion in regards to the recognition of same-sex marriages in Australia.

While the council cannot change current marriage laws, the unanimous support shown at the meeting will help display to the federal government that the community wants to see necessary legislation changes.

Councillors Gabby Bowles and Hillary Morris both felt that the topic of marriage equality is an important issue to discuss.

“I firmly believe same-sex couples should have the choice to ­legally marry.” Says Councillor Hillary Morris.

Councillor Bowles stated “Given the impending decision on marriage equality by the Federal Government, I feel it’s incredibly important that council – the level of government closest to the community – represent the voice of our community, the majority of whom support marriage equality.”

Councillor Morris added that “I firmly believe same-sex couples should have the choice to legally marry.”

One speaker, Father Rod Bower of the Anglican Parish of Gosford, stated that “Marriage Equality legislation is not, and should not be a question of religious belief.” and that “In passing this motion the Council will also send a clear message that we, the people of the Gosford Local Government Area are an inclusive people, a compassionate and respectful people who value and appreciate social and cultural diversity.” He also urged the council to “receive this motion with open and generous hearts.”

The federal government will see the introduction of a cross-party bill on the matter of marriage equality on August 11.