The ImpossibilitiesThe new original show that you’ll get hooked on!

Mix in some magic, a dash of lesbian drama, a pinch of Manhattan and you have a recipe for something incredibly new and vibrant.

From the creative mind of writer/director Anna Kerrigan, The Impossibilities follows the misguided path of a birthday party magician, Harry and a quirky yoga instructor lesbian, Willa.

Each character full of their own baggage and each episode beginning with a proper title of which one it will be about.

The opening to each ten-minute long webisode also features a short classic magic act performed by Harry (Ashley Springer), who is an actual trained magician!

With the abundance of television shows and web series among the masses these days, it’s hard to find something truly original to wrap our minds around.

The Impossibilities has succeeded in securing an original concept in the modern day. It’s fresh and new and I wait the next season. With only eight episodes for the first season at ten minutes a pop, I was sad when it ended.