Broken Pride logoDomestic & Family Violence remains deep in the closet for LBGQI people, despite being just as common as it is in the rest of the community.

Saturday 28 August 2021: Two in every five LGBTQI people will experience domestic and/or family violence (DFV). In November 2017, nearly 8 million Australians voted YES to marriage equality and this fight for equality has been the focal point for many LGBTQI community initiatives.

Given past stigmas, community organisations have previously been reluctant to engage in initiatives that portray parts of the LGBTQI community in a negative light. Consequently, it has been difficult for some government agencies to acknowledge and identify DFV in the LGBTQI community.

Most campaigns on DFV focus on non-LGBTQI relationships which contribute to a lack of awareness around what constitutes abuse. LGBTQI people do not see themselves in these campaigns and are therefore more likely not to identify that they are in an abusive relationship.

The BROKEN PRIDE documentary will bring DFV within the LGBTQI community out of the closet, making the community and mainstream Australia aware that DFV also exists within our community.

Most lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTQI) relationships are based on love and respect. However, some are based on abuse and control. Violence in LGBTQI relationships has the same elements as all violent relationships.

By listening to survivors, questioning police and government, and learning from leaders in the support and prevention services, we explore the unique differences for LGBTQI people, with a special focus on our Indigenous LGBTQI population

How can understanding these differences help support LGBTQI survivors (or perpetrators) of DFV, especially those living in remote or rural areas?

BROKEN PRIDE will highlight the intersectional factors faced by an LGBTQI victim of DFV, we need to educate Australians, specifically policymakers, HR departments, and mainstream support services. It is time for LGBTQI victims to be recognised in DFV discussions across Australia.

This project has been approved by Documentary Australia and launched its fundraising page today. Funds are being raised through grants and private donations, anticipating starting the development phase in early November 2021. The 4 x 30m series is being pitched to mainstream distributors, locally and internationally.

Silke Bader, executive producer and well established LGBTQI+ community personality say: “Being approved by Documentary Australia validated our progress and will be our springboard to raise the funds needed for this project!”.

Silke Bader, who is the owner of well-established LGBTQI+ Media brand LOTL (Australian niche media for LGBTQI+ since 1989) has provided direct access to community and organisations such as 1800RESPECT, ACON, Another Closet, Anrows, DVRCV, DVCS, Rainbow Family, Inner City Legal Council, GenderRights ACT, Women’s Health Matters, GLLO Police in NSW, QLD and SA and the LGBTQI Health Alliance.

The Project has also received support from:

• Hon Simone McGurk MLA, Minister for Child Protection; Women’s Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; Community Services. WA
Shannon Fentiman MP, Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Women, and Minister for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence. QLD
Hon Jacquie Petrusma MP, Minister for Prevention of Family Violence. TAS
Gabrielle Williams MP, Minister for Prevention of Family Violence and Minister for Women. VIC
Suzanne Orr MLA, Member for Yerrabi. ACT