Atlanta-based indie-alt band 'von Grey'
Atlanta-based indie-alt band ‘von Grey’

Domestic violence and the plight to stamp it out is gaining significant momentum with the media and the public.

In recent years same-sex domestic violence has also begun together voice it desperately needs – but the education is just beginning.

We all saw Brittany Griner and Glory Johnson hit headlines with their arrests, exceptionally hasty wedding and equally quick break-up, perhaps giving this much-needed issue a push into the media further.

Now we have “Katie” the new song from Atlanta-based indie-alt band von Grey that seeks to shed further light on the issue. The song itself is good; it’s a powerful ballad with a catchy pop hook chorus.  Underlying its melody are lyrics that capture the intensity of someone’s personal experience with domestic violence.

The video (see below) seeks to highlight through dance the conflicting emotions at the heart of same-sex partner violence: fear, shame, confusion, isolation, anger, and despair.

Whilst the video is stylistic it didn’t quite reach the heights I was hoping for. However, the video is a thought-provoking piece designed to help shatter illusions about same-sex domestic violence (i.e. that it doesn’t exist, when it does).

“Katie” is the first single from the yet to be released EP Panophobia and if “Katie” is any indication the EP will be well worth the listen.