Lane Moore
Lane Moore

Romance’s gender-bending vid for “Philadelphia”.

Lane Moore, the goddess at bringing in the awesome from singing to writing her comedy shows and column over at Cosmo, directed this spiffy video for her band’s brand new song off of their debut album.

It Was Romance makes it known that they are a band that can kick some serious ass when it comes to tight lyrics and even tighter pants. … Wait, what? I’m talking, of course, about Lane’s choice of wardrobe for the shoot: A vision in Cry Babyesq, 1950s accoutrements that John Waters, himself, would be drooling all over.

“I’m a huge John Waters fan,” said Lane. “That movie (Cry-Baby) is so stylized and great. But also I just really wanted to fu*k with gender.” She’s referring to the bit where she dresses in drag and takes on the Johnny Depp role, opposite her part as Wanda, the hot femme babe that all the guys drool over. “The world in general, especially in the queer community, assumes that you must identify as femme if you look femme, and it’s ridiculous.”

Philadelphia now not only the city of “brotherly love,” but one of rockin’ sisterly love, too.

So you should probably, most definitely, absolutely watch this video. Like right now.