Hartley is another young artist navigating this bountiful music scene and coming out the other end as an artist-on-the-rise

Brisbane based burgeoning artist Hartley has unveiled her new single, “How It Feels”, the fourth and final track that collectively makes up her debut self-titled EP, listen HERE.

How It Feels is the summary of the Hartley EP – it’s a song I wrote while I was reflecting on past times, trying to sum up the feeling of being without a person that felt like a part of me, after trying so hard to make things work.”

The four-track EP also features Hartley’s energetic debut single “Used To”, which arrived last August to critical acclaim, shortly followed by the dreamy “Mind” and the deeply personal “Own”.

Speaking further on the EP, Hartley notes “The EP talks about different stages I went through within myself personally and in a relationship over the last couple of years. So even though it’s ending on a sadder note, I love that it’s so well-rounded and pinpoints both the highs and lows of those years of my life.”

Having clocked up over half a million artist streams in less than a year and lauded by the likes of Pilerats, Tone Deaf, Cool Accidents and many more, 2020 is shaping up to be a definitive year for the prolific writer/performer/producer known as Hartley.