Women in docs are backWomen in Docs are sharing their humor and energy with their rock and country mix.

They’re back! That’s right! Women in Docs are back after a 4 year hiatus! 15 years and 8 albums later, the girls are returning with their Carousel Tour!

Based in Queensland, Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas have been spreading their specific brand of Indie uniqueness for the past 15 years and promise that their new album will not disappoint. Having previously toured around the nation, as well as Europe, North America, New Zealand and Canada, the ladies are hitting the East Coast of Australia this November! Touring various locations including Melbourne, Emundi, Brisbane, Marrickville and Katoomba, Women in Docs are sharing their humor and energy with their rock/country mix.

Originally coming together in a university band, Women in Docs have seen many highs and lows, so you can only imagine the kinds of stories that could escape and the laughs that will be had! A little Paul Kelly, a little Waifs and a smidge of Women in Docs madness, these ladies are sure to entertain.

‘But where have the girls been?’ you may ask! Both Roz and Chanel have been pursuing individual projects, day jobs, solo shows etc both inside and outside the music world. But boi are we glad they’ve returned! Not only are they returning with a new tour but also a new album due to be released in February 2014!

Gearing up and getting ready for the tour which start on the 1st of November in Eumundi, the girls are tuning their instruments and shopping for outfits like nobodies business. Organizing their song lists in anticipation for the 9 huge shows, the venues are worth seeing even if you’re not into the music. Every venue is completely different from the last including wineries, theaters as well as pubs and clubs.

The girls promise that there is something for everyone at their show. Even if you are not familiar with Women in Docs, the music speaks of universal truths and will definitely appeal to the younger generation due to their indie sounds. Many laughs and perhaps some tears are assured upon the purchasing of a ticket to the Women in Docs Carousel Tour.