Songstress (and out lesbian) Liz Martin said she wanted to write an album with tracks that were “big fat happy positive inspiring sing-alongable and change the worldable.”

Liz has the kind of voice that makes you want to lean in close – a deep, lush, beautiful sound. It’s a voice and talent that’s earned her a gold record with Paul Mac, tour spots with Sigur Ros, Silverchair and The Black Keys and the long-standing respect and admiration of Sydney’s underground electronic scene.

Now after many months spent exploring warm 60s and 70s sounds – and working with some of Sydney’s finest musicians – Liz Martin is releasing her stunning third album Dance a Little, Live a Little.

Dance Little, Live Little ranges from sophisticated pop to playful instrumentals and tender ballads. Liz says of the album, “I wanted to write more playfully – to escape and dream as well as purge some emotional angst. Over a long period of exile, I wrote and recorded in my room. I played the parts myself and sang little horn lines. By the end of it, I was ready to hang out with real people. And real musicians! I wanted to let the songs loose.”

A departure from her two previous albums (Beneath The Stars, Night Music) Dance a Little, Live a Little delivers a new, mature sound guided by the fresh open arrangements and coproduction of local bass meister Dave Symes, who was worked with some other favourite lesbians of ours, like Ms Missy Higgins.

A brilliant and tender album full of honesty, lightness and humour Liz Martin proves that a little bit of dancing can come from a whole lot of living.