Vocal powerhouse and feminist advocate EMM has teamed up with renowned DJ and producer Besomorph for their empowering new single, “Afterlife,” just released on British Record Label NCS.

Featuring EMM’s raw, sultry vocals over the track’s vibrant background of a crisp, thumping bass line, “Afterlife” is just a taste of a lot more music to come from the buzzy pop siren in the coming months. PRESS HERE and HERE to listen to “Afterlife,” now.

This is EMM’s second collaboration with Besomorph after “Ego Overdose”which has racked up millions of playssince its release this spring.

“It’s been a pleasure to step out of my dark-pop passion and explore the world of EDM with my recent and upcoming collaborations,” says EMM. “When I sat down to write ‘Afterlife’ the chorus vocal melody was the first melody I heard in my head and I went with it. It was a song that ‘wrote itself,’ which so often are my favorite songs to create because it’s more like channeling than like writing.”

EMM has built a reputation on creating music that showcases a woman’s power in a world that constantly tries to diminish it.”The world has vilified female sexuality for generations as something to control instead of celebrating how it reflects our divine ability to literally and figuratively birth worlds,” she says.

“I wrote the title line ‘I’m what comes after the Afterlife,’ because I believe that the divine feminine is eternal — it is the creative force that sources all of creation and it will be what’s left when everything we know ends. I want women to see that as one of our superpowers.

We are innately worthy of being cherished and respected because we reflect the divine source that creates everything we know. Until we can treat ALL women — including women that are often persecuted by society — trans women, sex workers, queer women, women of color and others — with the same reverence and dignity as we give to the average man, we will not see the kind of progress that we could be creating.”

In an era where female pop artists are taught to “stay in the box” and be agreeable, EMM stands out as a true artist — outspoken, self-directed, and unafraid of being the first to do something new.

Her infallible vocal prowess and strong lyrical voice easily compete with the greatest divas topping the charts today. However, her unique perspective as a producer, classically trained multi-instrumentalist and life-long songwriter has given her an authentic blend of sonics and stories that make every song deeply personal.

She is the definition of a thriving independent artist: calling all the shots in her own career, making her visions come to life, having a hand in every sonic choice and every melody you hear, betting on herself, and standing up for what she believes in most. Impossible to control, and impossible to contain, EMM is a force.

And she is just getting started.