Rolling Stone interviewed the gorgeous Adele, who opened up about whose bum she loves seeing and the inspiration behind her big new album, 21.

The Grammy award winner credits her loser ex-boyfriend for the inspiration behind 21. She said of him, “He was artistic, but not romantic.  We’d just bicker over a cup of tea or the fact that my lighter wasn’t working.  He made me an adult and put me on the road that I’m traveling on.”

She also said she has terrible stage fright and dislikes touring.  At a show in Amsterdam, she escaped out the fire exit. In Brussels, she projectile vomited on someone.

Adele also talked about her body, saying, “I don’t like going to the gym. I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don’t think I’d get my tits and ass out for no one.” She added, “I love seeing Lady Gaga’s boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry’s boobs and bum. Love it. But that’s not what my music is about. I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”

And that she does. Let’s listen to a track, just for funsies.