The cast from 'Daisy Moon Was Born This Way'
The cast from ‘Daisy Moon Was Born This Way’

Daisy Moon Was Born This Way, is comedic and will draw on elements of magic realism.

Fuelled by the awkward and ferocious energy that is teenage hormones this new Australian play is a coming of age dramatic comedy about making mistakes and learning to love yourself anyway.

Daisy Moon has no interest in fitting in and would prefer to stand so far out you’d think she lived in outer space.

Bright-eyed and eccentric 14-year-old Daisy Moon is president and founder of the Little Monsters Club for Misfits (a play on Lady Gaga’s fan club), where she holds her club meetings inside the dusty beachside bus stop on her front lawn. She’s the club’s only member.

Her 17-year-old brother Noah couldn’t be more different. An elite athlete on the cusp of cracking national competitions, his world falls apart when he’s caught cheating on a time trial. They both dream big and they’re both stuck in a world too small. Set in a coastal town, this play draws on Australian iconography of the faded beachside surf club but turns it on its head by drenching it with pop-culture and contemporary teen attitude.