The slick electro-rock from this L.A. band will have you wishing for more than just the tight six tracks found on this E.P.

A sophisticated sound emanates from the E.P. Ellis Bell, with the lead vocalist Toohey bringing an air of funk and coolness to the sharp and refined sound of the band.  Their first single, “Doll”, sets the scene for the listener; it introduces a meld of electro-pop and rock into a track worthy of the radio waves and easily a hit.

“Bring It” does precisely that; it’s clean and crisp yet maintains a campy sense of fun.

The title track, “Ellis Bell”, oozes with soul while building to its punchy chorus, where one cannot help but sing along like a rock star.  As quickly as the listener is hoisted into the rocking beats and guitar chords in the first two tracks, it’s all brought to a sharp halt and ease in tempo with “Red Eye”.  Conjuring up memories (for this reviewer) of long nights in airports and endless air travel, the track is haunting as it builds into its climatic crescendo, sophisticated in its layering of vocals and guitar power chords.

When listening to this E.P., it’s notable that the band has roots firmly embedded in the alternative rock genre with a sound reminiscent of the late 90s.

This is due, in part, to its bass guitarist, Nicole Fiorentino, previously of The Smashing Pumpkins.

These multilayered bass lines, coupled with electro-drums and the sultry vocals of Toohey, add texture to a sound that could have swung the other way and become all too one-dimensional.

In this case, it hasn’t, and you’re drawn into the music wanting more than just the six tracks on this E.P.