cover for 'bad for lashes'Bat for Lashes is unbelievably a one-woman band

The debut, Fur & Gold, made a huge impact on many listeners throughout the UK underground scene. Bat for Lashes has been likened to Bjork because of her undeniable talent. Fur & Gold was a fantastically crafted album – ambient, thoughtful and deep. Just listen to What’s A Girl To Do? and tell me this singer/songwriter hasn’t got ample talent. This song is truly brilliant. It guides us through being in a relationship where love for half of the couple has gone.

The first single to be released from Two Suns was Daniel in March. Khan did an acoustic version of the song for UK’s Radio 1 Live Lounge, also covering the colossal hit Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. I can definitely see why this is the first single. The opening seconds to this song begins with an almost otherworldly feel, which is a theme that runs throughout Khan’s work. Listen closely and an astounding array of instruments are working together to create this dramatic, alternative universe. I am taken away with Khan about Daniel and what this person means to her. Like many of Khan’s songs, she paints a picture that at first seems beautiful and dreamlike, but look deeper and the lyrics take you to the darker reality.

When the music kicks in on the opening track, Glass, you are reminded just how good an artist she is. It’s understated but absolutely striking, sophisticated and just damn right cool. Sleep Alone follows with another stylish use of instruments. The drumbeat is unforgiving and keeps your attention. The music floats to a slightly lower ebb and Khan brings us back to reality singing, “They say for every heart high there must be a low.” Moon and Moon are up next and the piano sounds effortlessly stunning accompanied by a clear heartfelt voice and lyrics. This song is reminiscent of Tori Amos or Kate Bush. Daniel is up next and we know all about him so I’ll swiftly move on to Peace of Mind. I have to say that this song doesn’t seem to get going for me. I kept wanting it to reach a crescendo but it never does. Siren Song builds powerfully and again reminds me of Tori Amos but has Khan’s very own unique styling. Pearl’s Dream is another amazingly gothic but funky song. The bass guitar throughout this album really makes an impression, played in such a way that it took me a few listens to work out exactly what instrument it was.

The only song that I’m not keen on is The Big Sleep. It sounds like something from Moulin Rouge, which by the way, I love. It just seems out of place on this album. Strangely enough, I like everything about the song but for some reason, the guest vocals ruin it for me. It feels like an interlude song.

Stand out track on this album

I adore Daniel nearly as much as Khan does, a shame he’s a guy. I love the music and the way it sounds like a love song. Listen closely as Khan sings, “And in a goodbye bed, with my arms around your neck, into our mouths the tears crept, just kids in the eye of a storm”. Excellent song with painstakingly sincere lyrics!

What you’d be listening to this month, if it were up to me 

Miss Conduct, Sinner Vs Sinned. A band from Wales in the UK. Strong female vocals that make you sing along and imagine you’re the singer, wups, think that’s just me! Comes complete with killer guitars. A short but sweet EP definitely worth having.

What’s on my iPod

Emery, back catalogue of their albums. I love this band. I’m listening to all their albums in preparation for their new CD, “…In Shallow Seas We Sail”, that’s out early June. Their style is Alternative/Screamo/Rock. They mix raw, heartfelt, well-placed screams with beautiful melodies. Their lyrics induce goosebumps. Download the song As Your Voice Fades to see what I mean.