RubyIce Set to Ignite J-Pop in AustraliaCheck out the electric clip of RubyIce’s Can’t Nobody (Hold Us Down):

J-Pop is a musical genre that is yet to be established in Australia but identical twin sisters Courtney and Brittany Menegon – aka RubyIce – are already at the pointy end of the popular Asian Pop underground movement in the country and will prove why when their new single “Can’t Nobody” drops on September 6.

With rich energy and vivacious personalities, the 18 year-old duo have already made an impressive debut earlier this year with their aptly-titled single “Energetic” which has already established them as the “Aussie Jpop duo who are about to take Japan by storm” as proclaimed by Joy FM’s Asia Pop Radio Australia (APRA) show.

Their follow up single “Can’t Nobody” is due for release on September 6 2013 and was written by legendary K-Pop producer Teddy Park who masterminded tracks by high profile chart topping Korean artists including 2NE1 and BigBang.

“Recording ‘Can’t Nobody’ was the absolute experience of a lifetime for us,” says the pair. “This song is about not giving up, and not allowing people’s false ideas to destroy your dreams. It’s all about standing tall, holding your head high and living your dream”.

The girls, hailing from the Australian Capital of Canberra, have been performing since age 15 gaining their roots fronting 80s and 90s rock cover band PhuZion.

“We’re the first J-Pop band act in Australia,” says the pair. “We were introduced to K-Pop at school by an Asian friend when we were about 13 years old. We loved it from the get-go! It was different and unique and we really fell in love with K & J Pop as soon as we heard them.”

After an appearance on Channel 7’s Australia’s Got Talent in 2012 where the pair made it to the semi-finals, Courtney and Brittany fine tuned their career goals and, with national and international ambitions, embarked on a new journey with a new name, new musical direction and new live show.

Their music is uniquely put together with a cross-cultural Pop/Dance DNA repertoire sourced from noted North Asian composers, arranged with mixed Pan-Asian and Euro influences, and accented by a healthy dose of Ska backbeat which jovially toys with the traditional grammar of club dance rhythms.

RubyIce will launch the single at Melbourne’s KWave Festival held at the iconic Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday, September 7 (Free Show). Performing has always been a common goal for the pair.  “Since we were little we’ve always dreamt of being a duo act together because what one can’t do the other one can do and it make things 10 times easier. And you have more fun! And it’s always nice to perform with your twin sister”.

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