Camille Bloom
Camille Bloom

The Seattle-based singer-songwriter is out with a new album.

If you know anything about establishing a career in the arts field, such as music, writing, painting, or dancing, you’ll probably be aware that it comes with financial uncertainty, which can also be a barrier to an artist’s success. Well, if you’re looking for some hope or just an inspirational story, look no further than singer-songwriter Camille Bloom. Bloom’s newest album was not only produced on her own, it was also crowdfunded. She has done this with her past albums, each one successful.

Pieces of Me will be released on September 9, and the album was recorded right in her own recording studio that she and her wife built together.

The theme of Pieces of Me is one of saying goodbye, or of leaving. When I asked Bloom about this, she explained she is “like a revolving door, moving through the city after city, and when I travel Europe, I am changing countries in a day.” For Bloom, a song may be “about saying goodbye to the voices in my head, or saying goodbye to habits or people that don’t seem healthy.” While they may be about departures and farewells, all of Bloom’s songs have upbeat instrumentals behind the meaningful lyrics.

Bloom also brings up our digital age in her song “The Zombie Song.” This song brings light to, as Bloom explains it, “our ever-increasing habit of being connected to our phones and tablets non-stop, in lieu of human connection.” The song sounds relaxed, and yet it is powerful.

In terms of her queer identity, I was happy to hear that while Bloom typically writes in the first person, she is very open about her life: she is happily married, feels proud to be part of the LGBTQ community, and loves playing Pride festivals and visiting LGBTQ Centers.

As for the future, Bloom (who is also a music teacher) has already recorded a kids’ CD and is set to record a covers album this summer. She also hopes to open her space to up-and-coming songwriters, so keep your eye out!

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