Monique Mizrahi
Monique Mizrahi

Her sweet, smoky voice can be accused of musical entrapment.

“Come out, and I will not love you any less!” Monique Mezrahi hums sensationally in her new album, Out Comes Woman.

Mezrahi is Honeybird(a singer-songwriter who plays charango, bass guitar, piano, berimbau, and percussion)—growing up in a home that did not open up about serious topics, Mezrahifound her refuge in music when she started playing the piano at 3.

“Music is my way of expressing myself. I was playing the bass guitar by the age of 13 and I would sneak out at night to watch 120 minutes of MTV!”

It was when Mezrahimoved to Italy, she dove heavily into music, bringing out all the old notebooks that she scribbled in during her early years, and connecting deep within herself.

Mezrahihas songs in different languages to avoid obstacles between her lyrics and her audience.

“I want to connect with people. I want them to relate. I want to share every emotion that runs through my body and help each travel out so powerfully, spreading more positive energy in this world,” she declares.

The first song Mezrahishared with the world was “Shaka Zulu”, about a warrior from South Africa. Her fifth and latest album, “Outcomes woman”, was released on May 14 in New York, as she performed her “bi-mizvah” on stage with her mother, leading Mezrahi to deliver a powerful and emotional performance.

Mezrahihas always struggled to accept her sexual orientation until she finally embraced her bisexuality by talking about it and highlighting her experience through song lyrics. She wrote down her fears, sang out her struggles, and composed her self-acceptance, which helped her live more familiar with her once so-called “issue.

”Mezrahistill gets afraid sometimes to open up, but she is much more comfortable with and finds opportunity in situations that cause tense and undesired emotions. “I want to empower others to go for it, to see colors in life, and to keep going no matter what obstacles get thrown in [their]way. Freely explore, and share your honesty in your words.”