Gossip -music for men

Hopefully, this band needs no introduction from me. I will, however, indulge for the people who have been living with their heads in the clouds or attached to their partners as we so love to do.

The band shot to mainstream ears and rocked many socks right off in 2005 with their third, yes I did say third, LP Standing In The Way Of Control. Ditto’s powerful voice and just as big persona finally earned the popularity they deserved. Their sound on this album was Indie/Rock at its grittiest accompanied by a voice so distinctive it was simply impossible to ignore.

Music For Men has a staggering fourteen tracks for you to listen to until your heart’s content. Dimestore Diamond glides through my eardrums and I am transported to an old western bar tipping my hat and tapping my leg. Heavy Cross, which is the first single to be released, rightly follows this. It has the same sort of leg tapping effect and is exactly what I expect Gossip to sound like. Ditto gets into full swing with her singing and usual crooning. 8th Wonder has an infectious guitar riff and a frantic feel that just begs for me to bound around my room totally freaking out and yes I am another beating drum as Ditto sings.

The band fly the gay flag high with not only the album cover but with the song Men In Love! Ditto belts out, “Men in love, with each other”! It also helps that it’s a great song.

Love and Let Love starts with Ditto whispering, “Ah, push it.” I honestly nearly broke into Salt ‘n’ Pepper. Don’t worry though, that is quickly forgotten a second later with the song definitely being all Gossips. This album flows beautifully and every song is well crafted, upbeat and damn right funky.

Music for Men is wicked amazing! A very enjoyable album indeed. It has enough growth to keep people interested and to hopefully recruit new fans too.

What you’d be listening to this month if it were up to me

I’m going to break tradition and recommend a TV Show instead. I think y’all (sorry been glued to this series and got a bit of a twang hehe) should go to iTunes and download True Blood Series One. It’s hibernation, I mean wintertime, and I’m telling you it’s excellent. A lesbian vampire queen will be introduced next season – POWER DYKE, LOVE IT!

What’s on my iPod

There For Tomorrow – A Little Faster. Addictive and radio-friendly rock/pop. This band is so young that I can’t help but be impressed and look forward to what they offer in the future.