Meet the top 50 out women who are changing culture.

Regardless of the continuing fight for equality in this nation, gay rights have come an incredibly long way from decades past.

It is no secret to America: lesbians are everywhere. Before widespread acceptance began, most lesbians lived in fear of who they were.

Thanks to strong women who stepped forward to lead the charge into the future, lesbians have gained confidence to be able to speak up and be heard from their true voices.

OUT magazine, a leading gay fashion and lifestyle title, has released its 8th Annual Power 50 list of the most influential LGBT voices in America.

It contains a diverse mix of business people, entertainers, politicians, and activists who have power and influence in LGBT culture. Out of the 50-person list, 14 of the names are strong powerful lesbians.

Here are some of the women who made the cut:

At number 47 OUT recognizes Roberta Kaplan. Kaplan is the lawyer who used her arguments in front of the Supreme Court to gain Americans equal rights throughout the country.

#41 – Megan Ellison, Film Producer. She has financed a string of critical hit films including Zero Dark Thirty, American Hustle, and Her. She became the first woman ever to receive two best picture Academy Award nominations in the same year.\

#29 – Ellen Page, Actress. The newly out actress publicly announced her sexuality at a Human Rights Campaign conference earlier this year after years of rumors. Lesbians all over can now die happy.

#21 – Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston. Don’t mess with Texas. Seriously. The mayor of Houston publically married longtime partner Kathy Hubbard in a January 2014 ceremony that was celebrated in the media and in her home state of Texas.

#10 – Robin Roberts, TV Host. Roberts came out last year in a Facebook post that celebrated the cancer survivor’s 100 days after a bone marrow transplant that included a ‘thank you’ to her girlfriend of 10 years, Amber Laign.

#1 – Ellen Degeneres, Talk Show Host/Producer/Spokesperson. As if this came to any shock. Everybody loves Ellen. It really cannot be denied and that’s one of the reasons why she made number one. She hosted the Oscars with ease and also gave the award show its best ratings since 2004.

The list includes more powerful and brave lesbians.