Magnum Ice Cream Ad 2 brides eating icecream
Magnum Ice Cream Ad Accused of ‘Ramming Lesbianism Down Our Throats’

The latest censorship uproar to make headlines is a Unilever advertisement for Magnum Ice Creams, which depicts a same-sex female wedding in order to promote Magnum’s latest campaign tagline, “Pleasure is Diverse.”

Censoring depictions of LGBT relationships in popular media is not a particularly innovative strategy from anti-LGBT advocates, but it is an approach that continues to be wielded (despite there being no legal grounding for such complaints).

The advertisement shows a clearly stoked wife preparing to walk down the aisle with her father to meet her soon-to-be bride. After a loving kiss, the pair bites into a Magnum.

Clearly displeased by this blatant example of the left-wing media pushing the gay agenda, an angered citizen filed an official complaint to Unilever Australia, lamenting the “Promotion of lesbianism during family viewing time.” They continued, “I know this will not be taken seriously as ramming this down our throats now happens daily.”

While such complaints have resulted in the censorship of ads featuring LGBT content in the past, Unilever stood firm in this instance, stating that the married couple kissing at the altar was consistent with prevailing community standards “which treat gender and sexual preference fairly, impartially and tolerantly”.

Unilever pointed to the ad’s ‘Category C (general unrestricted)’ rating by the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau (ABS), which means that it can be broadcast at any time other than during pre-school programs, and added, “Viewers will understand the message that while everyone, including same-sex couples, can enjoy the pleasure of eating Magnum Ice Cream, same-sex couples would also enjoy the pleasure of getting married.”

The ABS Board considered the complaint, but ruled that an advertisement merely depicting the wedding of a same-sex couple did not breach the Code. The complaint was dismissed.

In the wake of the Malaysian Film Censorship Board’s recent hesitation to screen the new live action remake of Beauty and the Beast due to its inclusion of a ‘gay scene’ (which, as it turns out, is literally just two men waltzing together), it is heartening to see Unilever and the ABS take this firm, anti-bigotry stance. Gaytimes and Magnums for all!