Queer Wedding Stylist
Photo Credit: Rena Harvey, Stylist: Maurizio Laino

Professional stylist Maurizio Laino shares his tips for styling the perfect outfit for your wedding day.

“Wedding day style is about keeping your identity and heightening it,” says Melbourne-based personal stylist, Maurizio Laino. “Your wedding day is about creating your red carpet version of yourself.”

To do that, you need to first define your personal style. “Do you like to look feminine? Androgynous? Do you like a more traditionally masculine or tomboy look? This is about how you express yourself through your clothes,” says Maurizio.

Next, you need to understand the elements of style. Here, Maurizio gives us some expert tips.


The key elements to the feminine look are being elegant, classic and sophisticated, while the key to the perfect traditional wedding dress is understanding your body shape.

Maurizio recommends having a consultation with a professional stylist. “A stylist will identify your body shape, undertake a colour analysis and, if you’re uncertain, accompany you while you try on dresses to provide guidance.Your body shape is crucial to the style of dress you can wear.”

Trends can be beautiful, but Maurizio warns that your wedding photos could end up looking dated. Choose fabrics like lace, silk and satins for that delicate, feminine look. And remember the statement heel. “It pulls the whole look together.”

For a less traditional feminine look, “Try an evening dress with a beautiful hair-do, a fascinator or hat and a statement heel.” Teaming a maxi skirt in a silk or chiffon with a crisp white shirt or cashmere top will look simple and elegant, while many designers are doing jumpsuits in light, flowy materials and colours. “Match a jumpsuit with a pair of gloves, a fascinator and a stunning shoe and you’ll look like a dream.”


“This is about looking sharp, clean and simple with a balance of masculine and feminine.” The key is to use a tailored, feminine suit. A cigarette pant and tuxedo jacket or tailored blazer work beautifully. The lighter the suit colour, the more feminine the look.

Maurizio recommends wearing a chiffon blouse underneath with a floppy bow at the neck. “This is the feminine version of the bow tie.” If you want a more masculine look, a tailored shirt with a skinny bow-tie will do the trick.

Again, it’s about the statement shoe and accessories. Jewellery needs to be kept simple, and hair sleek. “For a feminine look, try a finger-waved hairstyle, pointed heels or strappy sandals and leather gloves. For a more masculine edge, try an oxford shoe and an undercut hairstyle.”


“The traditional look is about class, elegance and timelessness,” says Maurizio, who favours the traditional black tuxedo with satin lapel. He suggests trying a male skinny-fit suit and having it tailored if required. A black patent leather shoe gives the look a classic edge, “but it must have a leather sole! No rubber!”

Accessories should be your traditional corsage or handkerchief, complemented by a slick hairdo. Consider cufflinks to add a touch of class to the outfit.

For a less formal look, the tuxedo jacket can be teamed with a crisp white shirt and bow tie, or the jacket can spice up a more casual shirt-and-tie combination.

For a more tomboyish look, try going preppy. Wear a waistcoat or textured blazer with a bow tie and a pair of chinos. Footwear can be casual or classic, depending on your preference.


If you’re both wearing traditional dresses, they can be different styles but need to have something complimentary that pulls the two looks together. Fabric choices, styles and colours are the key here.

To match your suits, either wear them in the same colour and individualise your look with accessories or wear suits in complementary colours.

Maurizio’s general styling tips are having a hair and makeup trial, manicuring your hands properly, and ensuring your hairstyle suits your outfit. “But the most important styling tip I can give is this: Keep your personal style but take it to the next level. That’s the key to occasion dressing.”