Lesbian BridesExperts Wedding Planners share tips on transforming your queer elopement into a special celebration.

“I love elopements,” says 14 Stories founder Bernadette Smith. “I think there’s less pressure, they’re cheaper and you can just be yourself.”

Eloping frees you from the social etiquette and expectations that come with planning an event wedding and allows you to make your commitment to each other in a unique and personal way. While a relaxed vibe works well, the day needs to feel like a special celebration that holds beautiful and lasting memories. Here are our tips for turning your elopement into an unforgettable experience.


Once you understand what you want your day to look and feel like, consider engaging a local wedding planning company to help with the legalities and logistics so your elopement is as stress-free as possible.


It’s important to have lots of photographs of your day, not only for posterity but to help make your day feel like a special event and to share it with your loved ones back home. Bernadette recommends relaxed, engagement style photos and allowing the photographer plenty of time to capture the energy of the day.


A thoughtfully written ceremony is important for personalising your wedding. Invest in time with your celebrant so they can “really get to know your story, to hear how you work as a couple, some of the challenges you’ve overcome, and some of the things you love about each other. Taking the time to make that story meaningful is really important,” says Bernadette.


“Try to make it as wedding-like as possible” suggests Bernadette, who emphasises the need to keep some structure and flow to the day. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy, exchange rings and incorporate elements that are meaningful to you. “I think still having a wedding cake, still having champagne, still having the little traditional elements that make it feel special and romantic is important.”


Most of Bernadette’s elopement couples take a few close friends or family with them and celebrate with dinner after the ceremony.


Think carefully about how you announce your wedding news. Your loved ones may not want to learn about your wedding via social media. Consider a formal announcement before uploading your photo gallery.

Hosting a post-wedding party, dinner or reception when you return home can help your loved ones feel included, help manage any hurt feelings and give yourselves another opportunity to celebrate.


While there are many stunning destinations around the world for LGBTI couples to legally wed, New York City and Iceland are considered two of the best.

14 Stories makes eloping easy with their Destiny New York mini-wedding package. If you’ve dreamed of saying your vows in Central Park, this is the package for you. Included are area town car, wedding officiant, cake, flowers and professional photographer plus dinner reservations at a private club or restaurant of your choice.

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Iceland offers renowned geothermal hot springs, breathtaking volcanic scenery and a gay-friendly capital city with fabulous restaurants and renowned nightlife.

Pink Iceland can organise your entire itinerary for you, including a tour to see the Northern Lights, LGBTI event packages and activities like hiking, ice-climbing and indulging in the country’s spa culture.