With your Climb Leader as your guide, step by step, you’ll ascend the arches of the Bridge and enjoy the iconic views of Sydney, situated in one of the most beautiful harbours on earth.

My partner Tanya is terrified of heights. I love her so I love to always stretch her boundaries – and this is exactly what I did one Sunday morning on September 29.

Unlike Tanya, I love heights. I love to climb mountains and now, one of the most renowned bridges! The challenge was to somehow actually get Tanya onboard…

After pretending to ‘take a casual stroll through The Rocks’, I push her into the entrance at 3 Cumberland Street.

Tanya and I have been together for 16 beautiful years; we’ve raised two children and travelled the world. We enjoy each other’s company and know each other’s fears. I understand that it was mean… But I want to share my special moments (like standing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge) with the one I love!

Selfish? Yes. Forgiven? No. Memorable? Always!

It almost killed me not to share the excitement of what was to come. Cities are to be discovered by foot. You notice intricate details that ultimately form your memories. To be able to walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, an internationally recognised landmark, and to stand on top of the world’s most beautiful harbour, is a memory that will never leave you. We have done so much, seen so many museums and sights, but one experience has stuck in my mind many years later: Walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Once inside, we feel the adventure start. Finally I am allowed to show my excitement! I pull Tanya through the Visitor Centre, where we explore the rich history of the bridge and get a taste of walking the Gantry. Then comes the pre-climb prep, where we are equipped with the outdoor gear needed for the climb – all whilst Tanya is still cursing me! She is afraid and she is not forgiving. She doesn’t think it’s funny anymore but once we are all geared up, prepped and ready – there is no return.

Tanya is a Queenslander: Proud and competitive to her core, an Aussie that will give everything a go. She is pushing her boundaries and is in very good hands. Tanya’s newest best friend is now the group leader – he speaks to her calmly, is experienced and has helped many people challenge their phobia of heights by climbing to the top of the Bridge. Will he help and enable Tanya to overcome her fear? The Stockholm syndrome has never been more evident than on this climb. Even today, Tanya remembers the guide who talked her through the climb every step of the way.

134 metres above sea level, right in the heart of Sydney Harbour, we soak up the view while our Climb Leader captures photos of us. Tanya’s knees are shaking but she is proud and happy to share this moment with me. She feels safe! ( See also Bridgeclimbs  special section  www.bridgeclimb.com/face-your-fear )

The city has given us a wonderful gift – an experience every Sydneysider should put on their bucket list. It’s your bridge. It’s your city. Why not explore it? A BridgeClimb gift certificate is a pass to the unforgettable, and ideal for any occasion, from a special birthday or anniversary to a Christmas gift!

On their website, you will find all your questions answered and also be surprised at the different experiences on offer. During Mardi Gras, you can book the Mardi Gras Climb or even exchange vows and rings above Sydney’s Harbour. BridgeClimb has developed a tailored safety device to enable the couple to exchange rings safely.

With Xmas around the corner – I wonder what Ms Claus will put into my Xmas Hamper. Maybe payback?


For more information: www.bridgeclimb.com.