Could you be the equivalent of Kari from MythBusters? You could be the newest addition of a upcoming Aussie 3D show.

web_storm_surfersCould you be the equivalent of Kari from MythBusters? You could be the newest addition of a upcoming Aussie 3D show.

Aussie tow-surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones, two-time World Champion Tom Carroll, and surf-forecaster extraordinaire Ben Matson are at it again – chasing the biggest waves the world has to offer.

The Discovery Channel Storm Surfers series has now been seen by over 20 million people in over 70 countries.  This time around the show is bigger, better, and badder than ever: a 4-part TV series that’s going to screen in the UK, the US, and a feature length film-reviews in 3D that’s going to hit Aussie cinemas next year.

There will also be an off-shoot TV series, which will be the first Aussie made series to be shot in Australia in 3D. The Storm Surfers Team are designing custom built 3D rigs so that the audience will literally feel like they’re inside the 40 foot monster waves that Ross and Tom ride.

The team are on the hunt for a 4th Storm Surfer to join the team as a ‘little sis’ to the Storm Surfer lads. Think Kari from Mythbusters –  a gal with technical know how who can more than mix it with the boys. Is this a LOTL reader? We think so.

This 4th Storm Surfer doesn’t necessarily need to know how to surf but does need to help the team conceptualise, design and build the crazy contraptions that the guys conjure up to combat the forces of the big blue. The new team member will help with experimenting and testing those new innovations at the Storm Surfers HQ, planning the missions and then utilising these gadgets on the actual Storm Surfers adventures.

Maybe this 4th Storm Surfer is a whiz with CADs, a keen welder, loves to modify existing surf gear, or just plain like to bang things together.  They will need to be Sydney based, available April to September 2011 and prepared for the wildest ride of their lives with the best job ever!

Expressions of interest should be emailed to [email protected] by March 11th, 2011. Please include a current photo, details of your expertise, interests and hobbies, any inventions of your own, and your surfing aptitude (if any).  Learn more about Storm Surfers at, download the free iPad and iPhone apps, or check out Storm Surfers on Facebook.