Roller Derby Colouring BookHave derby in your life every day!

Writer and queer roller derby player Em Dash wants to bring the incredible sport of roller derby to everyone!

Em Dash highlights the roller derby community, saying “The roller derby community is a healthy, positive place for women, especially queer women. Roller derby teaches women and girls to value their bodies for what they can do, not what they can look like. Skaters are supportive of others with wildly different senses of style, gender presentations, and sexualities. Queerness is not just accepted, it is celebrated throughout the sport and its events.”

As long as you’re a good teammate and you’re working hard, you’re part of the family. This is something that Em Dash wants to bring to everyone and she has created a fun book that’s imbued with some of this spirit!

To do this, Em Dash has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Color Jam Roller Derby Coloring Book. The book features dozens of skaters from around the US, Japan, Norway, and Canada.

It is important to  Em Dash that the book represents players of a range of ages and body types, sizes, and backgrounds and shows real women and girls playing a sport instead of some sort of idealized image of “perfect” femininity.  Some of the girls featured are as young as 11 and others are women in their 40s and a third of the images feature self-identified queer and/or trans skaters.

Em Dash would love for this book to add a little fun to people’s lives and give them a slightly less intense way to relieve stress than actually playing roller derby.

This postcard colouring book comes with 20 original illustrations of the most awesome people in the sport of roller derby including Freight Train, Suzy Hotrod, and Demanda Riot. Each postcard in the book will have a perforated edge so you can easily colour it in.

To help make Color Jam Roller Derby Coloring Book a reality, click here.