I like to smell good. Everyone does, I imagine.

But what I like even better is when I smell so good that everyone from my little sister to the gate agent at the airport has to ask, “Why do you smell so good?”

The answer is one teeny word –kai. The company calls it a “light and intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics.” I have to concur. It’s super light and fresh and not overly flowery. It’s just, well, perfect.

I am also happy to report that it’s paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and phosphate free. And it even boasts cruelty free, recyclable packaging and is made in the USA. All good in my book.

I’ve been using the product for years, everything from the room spray and candles to the body buffer and body glow. But I recently have a new kai addiction – the travel set.

The set includes 2 ounce containers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bathing bubbles, and body lotion, as well as a vial of perfume oil. For girls like me who only check bags in the most dire of circumstances, this little set is ideal. It even comes in a reusable, natural, hemp bag.

Using the set while on the road was actually my first chance I had to try out their new shampoo and conditioner, which, no shock here, I love. The shampoo combines argan oil and glycolic acidfor moisturizing and strengthening respectively. My hair has been colored and highlightedwithin an inch of its life and this stuff really gave it a boost of the soft and shinies.

The conditioner benefits from vitamin e andshea butter, as well as argan oil and glycolic acid for reconstruction and deep hydration, they say. All I know is that my hair was more silky and soft and much less frizzy than before it met this delicious smelling pair.

I’ve used different fragrances throughout my life. And I am still a huge vanilla fan. (Almost Vanilla Bean Noel season at Bath and Body!) But I love being able to use the same fragrance throughout all of my products so there’s no concern about competition or clash.

There’s something really natural and soothing, even relaxing, about kai. For some reason, my two-year-old niece loves the smell too and is always making off with the little bottles.

Not sure about her attraction is to it. Butit makes me feel like I just left the spa or a pretty primrose path, or even a yoga class, which I love. No downward dog required.